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Feb. 24, 2022

My Back Story: What Pain or Setbacks Can Teach Us - Part 1 (to be continued...)

My Back Story: What Pain or Setbacks Can Teach Us - Part 1 (to be continued...)
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Today I'm sharing a little bit of my story - about my back.  I never was a workout person until after our 1st daughter was born, and figured out that losing the baby weight (45 pounds!!) wasn't coming off by itself!  LOL  

So, I started working out and exercising and continued with no problems for about 16 years.  And then the pain started - which was about 2 years ago and it's been quite the journey to now.

In this episode I share this story, but also things that I have learned during the past few years that have helped me.  My hope is that maybe they might help you if you are experiencing an injury or pain...

  • Have someone in your corner to help you in your journey
  • Do your own research - keep pushing for answers
  • Shift your mindset and adjust your expectations
  • Be ok with each day's emotions
  • Gratefulness

Also Mentioned:

Amy Purdyis a global keynote speaker, New York Times Best Selling Author, 3 x Paralympic Medalist, toured with Oprah all over the US, Dancing with the Stars runner up and so much more - she is SUCH a treasure and is so very inspiring!  She accomplished this ALL after losing both of her legs from meningitis.  Her story is more than inspiring - go and follow her (Instagram: @amypurdygirl )


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