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You Can Do Amazing Things

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If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, but you’re feeling stuck or need more motivation to help you take that action to get you there, join in and listen! "You Can Do Amazing Things" is a podcast designed for anyone that is desiring more motivation, inspiration and knowledge to help them achieve that goal that’s hiding inside, just waiting to bust out! In this podcast, Hollie talks about topics like mindset, confidence, habits, discipline, health and entrepreneurship - it will be a mix of solo episodes and interviews where you will learn helpful tips and strategies, and hear stories from others that took action, despite their limiting beliefs or circumstances and stepped into their purpose, found their passion and accomplished that next AMAZING thing. Your host, Hollie Rumman is a marketing professional, wife and mom of 2 girls who is passionate about teaching and inspiring people to feel more confident and reach their biggest goals and dreams - to become the best version of themselves. Every week there will be a new episode, so if you’re ready to be inspired and get motivated to take that action - grab your coffee or favorite drink and let’s do this! Who is ready?? Tune in…YOU CAN DO AMAZING THINGS!