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What wolf are you feeding now

I enjoyed this short episode that contains so much information and teaches us how powerful we are to be in charge of our emotions and how we can lead a healthy life.

Speaks to the heart …

Just finished listening to Hollie’s latest episode on making assumptions and it was exactly what I needed to hear. All of her messages strike a chord with me, whether it’s a similar experience I’ve had, something I’ve worried about, or just a concept I can relate to. I learn something valuable every time! Her warmth and humor shine through each episode, and I appreciate the thoughtful and succinct organization she provides for her topics. Her guests have all been fascinating as well. Thank you, Hollie, for providing this bright light in todays challenging world!


I have listened to about half the podcasts so far and have loved each one. Hollie presents information in such an easy manner to understand, relate to and, follow. Her energy, her tone, and her clear passion for her message are genuinely a gift.

Love how Hollie talks

Great podcast. Holly has a great way of sharing her thoughts, giving tips and insight. A great way to start your day and get inspired.

I love this podcast!

Hollie has amazing energy and wisdom. I gain valuable insights from every episode. So good!!

Thank you!

You have such a wonderful way of caring and sharing! Thank you for this inspiring and energizing podcast!!!!

Holy Bananas! This Podcast Is Inspiring!

Hollie is the friend you want to hang out with - what a blessing to have this opportunity each week listening to her podcast. You’ll be inspired from her life stories and wisdom while laughing along with her antics and sweet personality. Hollie is doing amazing things and is an amazing encourager to each of us!

Love this podcast

Hollie drivers such a candid message of her struggles AND victories. She tells you enough of her story without complaining. This podcast will encourage you on so many levels. Subscribe today! You’ll be so glad you did!!!!!

Hollie speaks straight to my heart

I am so inspired after listening today. Knowing now more about Hollie and her story I know she’s someone who speaks straight to everyone’s heart. I can relate with her on soooo many levels and this is so spot on for me in my life right now! I’m so happy to find her and this show! You know I’ll be tuning in on Thursday’s with my coffee for some INSPO and love💋 Moni xo

Thursday mornings with Hollir

Each Thursday Holly provides us with a topic that hits home. It's on point It's thought out and meaningful. Love spending my Thursday mornings with Hollie.

Love it!

Hearing Hollie’s story and perspective shift while recovering from back surgery was so inspiring. She has so much insight to share on how to change your mindset during challenging times. I also love the references she gives for people who have inspired her. I highly recommend!!

Practical & Pertinent Advice

Love all of Hollie's episodes!! She gives practical & pertinent advice! And she makes you feel so comfortable - just like talking with a good friend!! Because she has been where we have been. And she is right where so many of us are right now! So, she's walking the path that we are on & that's such a comforting feeling!!

Love the mindset episode

I absolutely love growth mindset and personal development to improve my life! I crave this information as well! Thanks for the booklist-there are a few I haven’t read or listened to yet!!!!! You are so inspirational! Everyone that wants to improve their life should listen to your podcast!

Hollie is a gem :)

She exudes so much light and encouragement in her podcast. Hollie is lovely to listen to and has great action items to take. I appreciate how she shared about her back surgery journey and how she is dealing with that. She is someone you need in your life :)

Love this podcast and its resources!

Hollie - I love listening to you, it's like talking with a friend! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and so many resources to help us improve our minds and our lives!!

What a great voice!

Hollie has so much joy in her voice, it’s a delight to listen in and hear the tips.

Very nice

I love it!

Inspired podcast

No matter what Hollie is going through, she takes us with her while bringing her enthusiasm for life right along with her. No obstacle is too insurmountable. 💕


I watched all the episodes so far. They are inspirational, easy to listen to and are relatable. The episode on expectations was full of practical and good ideas. I particularly like how all these ideas and good information are summarised in an organised clear way and delivered in less than 20 minutes time span. Looking forward to the next one.


Such a great topic! Love this podcast!

Best podcast ever

I love every minute of every episode!

One of my favorite weekly events!

This podcast is wonderful! The material talked about in each episode I can relate to on an every day level. We have all had things in our lives happen, particularly lately in a post pandemic world, that has taken us off our stride. The ideas and strategies contained in these podcasts are realistic things we can all put into action to help us past what our particular roadblocks may be. And it all comes from mindset, or putting things in perspective! Hollie has a very pleasant tone, is full of energy and will keep you glued from start to finish. Bravo, Hollie! And thank you for producing these!


This podcast will shift you into a positive mindset, give you a burst of confidence, and put a spring in your step! Just listening to Hollie talk feels so uplifting! 🤩 After listening to an episode you will have no doubt that you really can do amazing things! 🌟🎯🙌🏻

Hollie’s topics are so relatable….

Just finished the last topic on Expectations. Love how Hollie has a way of giving strategies on things I can relate to so that it motivates me to self-improvement. I have never been a self-improvement guru (by any means!)😬 but these podcasts are just the right doses and presented in such a “non-teacher” relatable way, that I’m finding myself taking action on a lot of her tips….can’t wait for my next Thursday morning fix! 🥱 ☕️ 🎧 🌞🤗


I watched all the episodes so far. They are inspirational, easy to listen to and are relatable. The episode on expectations was full of practical and good ideas. I particularly like how all these ideas and good information are summarised in an organised clear way and delivered in less than 20 minutes time span. Looking forward to the next one.


Hollie is genuine and relatable~I feel like I just had coffee with a good friend! I appreciate the realistic action points given at the end of each podcast to do “The Next Amazing Thing!”

A real, grounded look at confidence and mindset

Hollie brings warmth and a sense of authenticity and grounding to the topics of mindset and confidence. Listening to her makes me feel inspired and reflect on my own gifts that I can feel confident in, and that I can achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. I can’t wait to hear more from her!

Words if thanks

Thank you for being you!


Hollie is a fantastic host and skilled interviewer. She is inspiring and I know that this podcast is going to reach great heights!


Hi Hollie Just listened! Can’t wait to hear more! I love your honest open thoughtful manner. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world, helping others find their way😊 Heather Sue letsdothedailydifferently